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All Vodafone Data Offers And Their Shortcodes


Vodafone Ghana Data Bundles | Accra, Ghana | Vodafone Ghana has been one of the biggest companies in terms of telecommunication in Ghana. According to the Ghana National Communication Authority’s (NCA) website, the total number of Ghana’s voice subscribers as of January 2020 was 41,380,751 and Vodafone Ghana voice subscribers were 9,075,795 making them the second most subscribed telecommunication network after Scancom’s MTN which has a total of 23,150,485 voice subscribers as of January 2020.

Today, we bring to you all the Vodafone Data Bundles that Vodafone Ghana has and their respective shortcodes that are used to activate the, most especially their No Expiry Data Bundles. The bundles vary from offer to offer.

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As the second-highest telecommunication company after MTN Ghana, Vodafone Ghana has provided their customers with data bundles that everybody can buy. Below is the full list of Vodafone Data Bundles and Their Shortcodes.

Vodafone Ghana Data Bundles and Their ShortCodes

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Data Offers Code Price (GHs) Allocation Validity
Hourly Offer – Data Bundles That Expires Within An Hour (60minutes)
Streamer Hour *700# 1.08 60 MB  Data No Expiry
Downloader Hour *700# 2.15 2 GB  Data 1 Hour
Daily Offers – Data Bundles That Expires Between 24hours and 7days
Starter Daily *700# 0.54 25MB No Expiry
Chat Daily *700# 2.15 130MB No Expiry
Browse Max Daily *700# 3.25 550MB 24 Hours
Browser Lite Daily *700# 5.4 1GB 2 Days
Weekly Offers – Data Bundles That Expires Within 7days
Starter Weekly *700# 2.15 80MB No Expiry
Downloader Lite Weekly *700# 5.4 600MB + 600MB for Night No Expiry
Streamer Max Weekly *700# 10 1.5GB + 1.5GB for Night 15 Days
Browser Max Weekly *700# 21.5 4GB 7 Days
Monthly Offers – Data Bundles That Expires Within 30days
Chat Monthly *700# 20.00 4GB + 4GB for Night 30 Days
Downloader Monthly *700# 50.00 10GB + 10GB for Night 30 Days
Browser Monthly *700# 108.00 20GB 30 Days
Jumbo Offers – Huge Data Bundles That Expire Within 30days
Jumbo Streamer *700# 215 40GB 30 Days
Jumbo Max *700# 322 100GB 30 Days
Jumbo Optimus *700# 430 200GB 30 Days
Night King – Data Bundles That Can Be Used Between 12am – 4am
Night King 1 *700# 2.15 2GB 12am – 4am
Night King 2 *700# 5.40 7.5GB 12am – 4am


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– Vodafone Ghana

The above are all the Vodafone Ghana Data Bundles and their respective shortcodes. I f you find this information useful, kindly share this article with your friends, families, and loved ones on the various social media platforms.

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