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GO Season 1 Episode 2 While Men Slept


GO Season 1 Episode 2 While Men Slept | Official Liezer-Legacy Production, producers of Kejetia vs. Makola web and TV series has introduced yet another interesting series titled “Go”.

The series started showing on television and premiered on the web about a month ago, releasing each episode every week.

GO Season 1 Episode 2 While Men Slept

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The Synopsis

Despite opposition by his staff, Joshua Laryea, headmaster of Our Lady of Grace Senior High School, launches a new education and disciplinary scheme ahead of the admission of freshmen. Unknown to school authorities, the secret cult of deviant students, ‘the Tribunal’, have a welcome party in store for the freshmen.

As the story unfolds it is really getting interesting. This not one of our usual TV series. It is a very precise and educational piece. The setting is a senior high school and the theme relates to education and how freshers are maltreated by some hooligans on campus and how such issues can be controlled.

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