Guru – Who Born Dog Lyrics

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Artiste: Guru
Featuring: N/A
Song: Who Born Dog
Released: 2021

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Guru – Who Born Dog Song Lyrics

This is a war field of no return
What is your name
Guru the great
What do you represent

Okraman dada nso di asem dada n3 ka
Y3ka entire label hit koraa mpo eno go fit
Mee kasa no s3 wo dwene ho anka wei nyinaa enba
Your entire career koraa mpo ento me one hit
Singer die3 na me dwen s3 modi3 aa ne sexy
2019 na wo papa confirmee s3 w’adi 30

Mporportua wei 33behavi tis3 obiaa w’nya epilepsy
B3hw3 ne dressing basaa bi
tis3 elective maths question
Wo hy3br3 apansam tis3 tankasni aa wak) pension
W’ani kakarere k) p3 chocho cream bi na fayi tension
Wo hwiwa mampeele mesere wo hia medical attention

You think ebi your time
You dey pull crowd pass daddy lumba
Oboi don’t try
Wo di today bukom banku baa b3 compare professor Azuma
Oboi don die
Woy3 dope ah anka wo jealousy nation wotu) tunk)

Everyday you dey watch pono pono why you be homo homo
Me die3 me hu wo Togo togo
Abofra aa w’aniatra w’aninton wo si we for wish you well
With all your links if you want fire we go link you hell
S3 mo draw into conclusion ah 3y3 aa mon painti me black mon painti me well

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You think say you dey top
You den your boss I go raise you hell
This be your new church
Mon gather mo links no
Ago preach you well
Who born dog
Woni papa make I be your father
Bro I go treat you well

Abofra aa otimi yi nimaane ma s3 oy3 ashawo
Charlie you for seek street help
Nana nyame aboa wo ama w’duru ha
Your team for dey watch make you try speak well
Body na wodi baa we go whip you well
Bible na wodi baa we go brief you well
Teach you well
Make you seek him well
Money na wo p3 aa we go show you wealth

Who born dog (dog dog)
Who born dog (dog dog)
Who born dog (dog dog)

Today wey ma matter dey
Wey you just dey say
Like abuy wey ano pay
Wiasimo nobody go reign forever
Nobody go remain forever
Wiasimo nobody go reign forever
Nobody go reign forever

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Nti w’anya obiaa anma wan tuwo fu
Ei Frank Kofi Boakye
Bible si di w’agya ne wo na ni na won kwan awa wo asaase
Woho abrewa to fu 3yaa susuhw3 oh na 3y3 ntomago
Y33 ka mori ama wo tafri ka hun

If you wan make we dirty wanna body die3 aa
Krakyi k) hw3 paasi
Aha 3nny3 mo play ground
I just wanna focus on mensaasi
Wonferi adi aa memb3 ky3r3 obiaa y3titi wo mukaasi
Me pese me keepi deep hw3 ni siia shi s3 moasi
I just wanna stay cool
All this years na mee pay me dues
Me ne wo boss na we dey cool
But this young boy too dey come fool

Darkuma Fadama you be ma bro
Me promisi me hon s3 minbowo abro
A see you ma brother ba you wan double cross
They game you rush you dey play adey pause

Today wey ma matter dey
Wey you just dey say
Like abuy wey ano pay
Wiasimo nobody go reign forever
Nobody go remain forever
Wiasimo nobody go reign forever
Nobody go reign forever

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