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Juju Is Not Bad – Sarkodie Reveals And Here Is His Reason


Sarkodie has always been known for setting trends when it comes to showbiz. This time around he has surprised Ghanaians and Africans as a whole. He features his colleague rapper and once rival, M.anifest on this new single he calls “Brown Paper Bag”.

The song as usual trended all over the internet as Sarkodie released it on his safe arrival in Ghana after been lockdown overseas for some months due to the novel COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic that hit the world.

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Sarkodie is one of the artistes who became successful through music, from grass to grace. Many Ghanaian have always questioned his source of continuous success in the music industry. One school of thought believes that Sarkodie uses voodoo to get hits and stay relevant and successful in the music industry whiles another school of thought put it to him that he is a member of one of the most popular secret societies – the “Illuminati”. This claim that he is a “Freemason” made Sarkodie release a song titled “Illuminati” in the year 2012 (listen to the song below).

Sarkodie – Illuminati

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Fast forward, Sarkodie has released “Brown Paper Bag” – a song in which he used to register his displeasure about how African leaders are not actually doing anything to improve the continent. He further went on to say that Voodoo or Juju1 (1as it is popularly known in Ghana and Nigeria), not something bad, and that the other race is using the same to produce devices such as the mobile phone, drone, and cloning of humans.

Does this ring a bell or gives you any visual impression? Is Sarkodie confirming that rumours that he is a cult member and uses juju for his music? He didn’t just endorse voodoo his song with M.anifest but also made it clear that it is not evil. Do you think Sarkodie has been using juju or any secret cult and is now going all out? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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In his own word, Sarkodie said:

The voodoo magic is nothing evil, Akwesi broni use claimi sɛ ɛyɛ logic

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Sarkodie – Brown Paper Bag ft M.anifest

You can check out Sarkodie – Brown Paper Bag Lyrics Here. This is how Sarkodie defines being “FREE”: 

I just wanna be free
Free is when you decide for yourself
Free, is when nobody is controlling your wealth
Free, is when you stop begging people for help
Free, is finally when you breaking out from a spell

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Meanwhile, his colleague rapper, M.anifest didn’t just remind us about the past, he also talked about how our leaders have allowed us to be brainwashed. M.anifest didn’t hide under the mic and use “high vocabs” to confuse people this time. He went all out to point out who Africans are fighting with. In his own word he said:

(Mek I mek my beef list)
We beefing with Trump and his likes
We beefing with vanity, doing it for likes
Beefing with indiscipline for posterity
Beefing with leaders, no integrity
Beefing with plastic, ban it be drastic

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