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Kuami Eugene Biography & Net Worth 2020

Today I am going to talk about the biography, ok lemme say life history of one of your favorite artistes in Ghana, Kuami Eugene. Usually, it is an amazing thing to know that certain people make bod decisions about their life in the society. They consciously chose to do what makes them happy or rather what they are good at and love. Even though Kuami Eugene music career hit the mainstream not too long, today he is celebrated as the new face of music in Ghana. He is one of the young talents, with great potential to soar even higher and one who is very creative in whatever he does.

Kuami Eugene Biography

  • Personal Background

Kuami Eugene biography has been held under wraps as he has chosen to be very discreet about his life. However, it is not possible for someone in the limelight to hold back everything. Just like every other child enrolled in school, with the expectation of studying hard and having a successful life thereafter was what Kuami Eugene’s parents had in mind. Nonetheless, Kuami Eugene Musician chose to make use of his talents even before he was done with elementary education.

In an interview, Kuami Eugene revealed that a music producer in the Eastern Region took note of his talent, saw great potential in him and desired to nurture him. He eloped from school out of nobody’s knowledge to be coached on how to produce and write great music.

Following bunking school for days, his parents were informed of his absence; which is when his mother became aware that he had run away from school. Subsequently, he was expelled from school. Kuami Eugene School is still unknown probably due to the fact that he now regrets having not completed his education successfully. Looking back though, it is now easy to say it all about the dough.

This could have been a blessing in disguise, Kuami Eugene music journey began from this ordeal. It is reported said he began producing in his mother’s kitchen at the age of 16. Today he is the fast-rising young talents in Ghana whose music has received both local and international airplay.

Kuami Eugene Age

The celebrated Kuami Eugene may have shown bright in the music scene showing us his music prowess, well, this comes with experience, expertise, and talents. You would think Kuami Eugene is old thanks to his fame but Kuami Eugene photos tell us otherwise. Judging by the photos he shares online or those like I who have had a chance to meet him, know him as a charming, young and handsome rapper, songwriter, a thriller at stage performance and a flawless music producer.

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Information about Kuami Eugene age may not be clear since we know not of any of birth date. However, he is recently quoted his age as 20 years. Quite young yet he has been able to build a name and a label for his music and get ensign with prestigious music powerhouses. Kuami Eugene still exhibits great growth potential and if he has risen to be who he is today, he will rise even higher in future. In fact, he has promised his fans to release more hits as time goes by.

Kuami Eugene Achievements in Music

Humble beginnings of Kuami Eugene in his mother’s kitchen as a young teenager did not prevent him from becoming a music sensation he is today. Gladly with a lot of hard work and creativity he has now become a star on his own league. This has propelled him to work musically with the who is who in the music industry. Here are his celebrated achievements in music:

His hit release titled Angela has been doing great. Here is his social media update regarding the song’s great progress.

The song – Angela, also hit 1 million views on YouTube few months after its release. He was thrilled about the achievement.

Kuami Eugene mix with the award-winning dancehall artiste, MzVee in the song Rewind, which he actually wrote and produced. This song has massive airwaves even at the international level.

Participation in the MTN hitmaker season 5 brought him a lot of fame. Although he did not emerge the winner, he appreciated the popularity he garnered from the same. This has been a major stepping stone in his music career making him land some lucrative contracts and deals.

Following season 5 of MTN hitmaker competition, Richie Mensah’s Music label, Lynx Entertainment signed him in after realizing that Kuami Eugene had a stand out talent and ability to cheer up and entertain masses.

At only 20 years of age, Kuami Eugene participated in the VGMAs unsung competition alongside Nero X, Adomaa and Dark Suburb. He was announced the winner in the VGMAs unsung category. This is a platform which mainly focuses on supporting and bringing exposure to the young promising talents in the music industry.

However, he regrets having dropped out of school at such a young age. Kuami Eugene advises the youth that much as talent is important, education is also a great part of its success. Nonetheless, he has now made it big, producing and writing songs something he even says his mother is happy about.

Kuami Eugene Songs

There are many Kuami Eugene songs that are moving in the air, but he recently released a new hit dubbed Angela. It is a song whose video is visually well-produced and edited, the harmonization of tunes, the rhyme of words and lyrics just to mention but a few praises bestowed upon the song.

Check out the song’s video:

He says this is one song he relates to personal and which was an inspiration to writing and producing the song. The Lynx Entertainment which he is signed into released the song on 11th of September 2017. This was wholesomely the work of music mogul Killbeatz. The song has received airplay left right and center which also comes with popularity and money.

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Angela is not Kuami Eugene all songs but there are other hit songs under his name. Kuami Eugene has worked alongside MzVee in the song, Rewind; the two collaborated with N.O.B in the song Distin. He has also worked with Feli Nuna in the song Show Me and with KiDi and Tneeya in Twist. Elsewhere he is behind the songs Ebeyeyie, Fadama boy, Hiribaba and Boom Bang Bang. All of Kuami Eugene songs relate to humanity and are so timely. This has made the songs play in the mainstream media thanks to the fine tunes and understanding the target market.

Kuami Eugene Life

The life of a public figure always comes under close scrutiny, some reprimand while others do the opposite. This happens in all dimensions of a person’s life and Kuami Eugene is no exemption. Although much is known about him, his family and the like at least there is something stalkers, fans and the media have garnered.

Kuami Eugene lives an exorbitant life judging by his lifestyle. It seems money is working for him and not him working for the money. He hangs around luxurious joint, mingles with the high and mighty, has shared a stage with seasoned musicians with a global recognition, and has the membership for envious clubs just to mention the cream into his life.

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Evidently, Kuami Eugene is always groomed smartly in designer clothes both imported and locally sourced. This means he has to part with a few dollars in exchange for the attire. This young multi-talented star has a taste for the automobiles. He drives the cars associated with the wealthy class, customized, made to their specification, super fast and so on. That is not done yet, this Ebeyeyie hitmaker has invested and signed awesome deals with companies around Ghana. He is like wine; he only gets finer and finer with time. Soon he might be the best of the best music legends. It should be of interest to watch his space.

Kuami Eugene Net worth

In music industry and you will agree with me cognition is a key instrument to making it in a highly competitive sector. Kuami Eugene is among the lucky few who enjoy vast popularity and fame. It goes without saying he has a reputation in the industry and relevance as a matter of fact. With a name and popularity coupled up with talent, the only subsequent result is money.

Here comes the question of Kuami Eugene net worth. Well, there is no exact figure that states about his wealth but I can confidently say that Kuami Eugene is indeed stinking rich. The mere fact of being signed into the Lynxx Entertainment means that he is able to produce and release high-quality music. Besides, since it is a well-known label it is able to market and promote their artists’ work. Kuami Eugene, in addition, makes so much money from performances and has traveled around the world to entertain fans.

Kuami Eugene is a legend in the making. He has already hit the entertainment industry by storm and is actually moving the masses. His talent and prowess in music is something worth taking note of and probably the reason why companies are looking to be associated with him. In a recent interview h,e expressed his optimism by stating that he believes he is the best and a winner and also expressed disappointment for failing to scoop the MTN award. He promised his fan to rest back as he releases hits after hit.

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