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Kumerica: How The Asantes Are Putting Ghana In Front of The World


Kumerica: How The Asantes Are Putting Ghana In Front of The World | You might have come across the term “Kumerica” on the internet, either on a social media platform or a website since it has been trending upon its invention. Kumerica is said to be the new name for the Ashanti Region, one of the 16 regions in Ghana with its capital town, Kumasi.

Through music, the Asante youth is standing out and putting themselves on the world map to represent Ghana.

Who Originated Kumerica?

It is alleged that a Kumasi-based musician popularly known as YPee and his peeps are the originators of the Kumerica trend which is now all over the country. This is as a result of a grill music YPee teamed up with his friends to make. They have from there created a lifestyle to match their Kumerica trends.

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But a young man identified as Black Foreigner in an interview with Zionfelix told him that he is the actual originator of the “Kumerica” trend and that the idea came to mind after a lot of people have been referring to his as someone who came back from America to Kumasi. Watch the video below to hear it from the horse’s own mouth.

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Since the United States of America is one of the most powerful countries in the world, Ashanti Region is the richest and one of the most powerful regions in Ghana would like to be the replica of America hence the name ‘Kumerica’.

If you critically examine the name Kumerica, one would realize that it is the combination of a prefix “Kum” taken from the first three letters of “Kumasi“, the capital town of the Ashanti Region of Ghana, and a suffix “Merica” taken from the last six letters of “America”, pretty creative right?

This has created a new wave across the country with a lot of hype and support from people around the country. It has led to many youths in other ethnicities adapting the same creativity to create their own unique name using the “Merica” suffix.

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Welcome to Kumerica
a “Welcome to Kumerica” signboard

The youth in Kumasi has taken this whole new trend to another level. Apart from music, they have mounted billboards with inscriptions like “Welcome to Kumerica”, have made a supposed “Kumerica Passport”, Branded Vehicles with “Kumerica” inscriptions, “*Kumerica flag” and also used the 56 American States to create Kumerica States.

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Kumerica Flag
a “Kumerica” Flag

Kumerica has been trending all over the internet both in Ghana and globally. This, in some way, is promoting Ghana music and its entertainment industry as a whole. Now people from Kumasi or any part of the Ashanti region proudly identify themselves as a “Kumerican” unless they haven’t heard or have no idea of what the “*Kumerica Trend” is all about.

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