An Open Letter to Married Men

Husbands as we call you.
Tyrants at home, angels out there.
Stingy at home, philanthropist out there
The boss at home, babe out there
Dumb at home, romantic out there

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Very busy for matters of the home, caring and loving out there
Of all the women on earth, you decided to choose the one you married to make a home with.
What else do you want out there? Why will you shout and insult the woman you vowed before
God and witnesses yet are pampering someone out there who could be as young as your

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Your children still owe school fees, the rubber band holding your mum’s Nokia 3310 phone together
just got torn off yet you’ve bought the latex iPhone for that girl.
You claim you are so tired and doze off the moment you get home yet you have all the time to
chat and be with that girl because she’s so lonely.

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How will you feel if your sisters are treated the same way you treat your wife?
Do you know that you would enjoy more peace and good health if you spent just half of all you
spend out there on the woman keeping your home?
Have you thought about all the abortions you are paying for? What about HIV/AIDS and it’s
God is watching. I know you think you are smart so she won’t see that the low battery and mechanic names on your contact list are girls. God has seen it all.

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