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Mona 4Reall Badder Than Lyrics Video


Mona 4Reall Badder Than Lyrics Video >>> Not too long ago Hajia 4Reall unveiled herself under the 4Reall Entertainment with a stage name and a debut single Mona 4Reall and “Badder Than” respectively. 247Hitz TV brings you the lyrics video of the new dancehall single.

In an earlier post we made, we published the full lyrics of Mona 4Reall’s new song “Badder Than” and also the official music video of the song in another article.

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Today, we bring to you Mona 4Reall’s latest song Lyrics Video. If you are a fan, just stay glued and enjoy the video below.

Artiste: Mona 4Reall
Song: Badder Than
Released: 2020
Label: 4Reall Entertainment

Genre: Dancehall

Mona 4Reall – Badder Than Lyrics Video

Full Lyrics brought to you by 247Hitz Lyrics.

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Connect With Mona 4Reall:

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/hajia4reall/
Facebook – https://facebook.com/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/hajia4reall

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