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Shatta Wale Brain Wire Lyrics


247Hitz Lyrics bring to you the full Shatta Wale Brain Wire Lyrics. We recommend you listen to the song while going through the lyrics. This will help you to familiarize yourself with the words in Shatta Wale lyrics. We hope you enjoy this one too.

Artiste: Shatta Wale
Song: Partner in Crime
Released: 2020
Label: Shatta Movement Empire

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Shatta Wale Brain Wire Lyrics

Yuh nuff times man got to say this
And i hate repeating myself
See we gotta be ourselves
Know thy self
Know your self
Be the best’ah your self

Jump pon it like you dun care
Walk pon dem like your dun fear
If dem wan fi violate,show dem your brain wire tear
Wholla dem ah just a pap smear
Nona dem mi nuh fear
From de matic rise
Wi nuh shoot to de skies
From mi point pon ah face
Bwoy affi dead
Mi nuh hypocrite never do de long talk
Inna Nima same so we dun joke
Wi nuh pardon fool inna Banghok
Every rat diss have ah gun shot
My AK nuh go bankrupt
My 45 love snapchat
My ruger addi whatsapp
My AR addi facebook
True mi know seh man love guns yah
Before dem ah go know Shatta done dem
We love gals de hips and de fronts dem
Make ah gal titi pop out so we suck dem

— End of Shatta Wale Brain Wire Lyrics —

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