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Shatta Wale Kill and Gone Lyrics


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Artiste: Shatta Wale
Song: Brutally Honest
Released: 2020
Label: Shatta Movement Empire

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Shatta Wale Kill and Gone Lyrics.

Bwoy inna my war
Wi kill and gone

After mi kill man gone
Bwoy start talk like ah MC fi ah show
Cyaan never predict 1 Don
Only Shatta Wale ah go get you exposed
How can you say your father sell out
Poster boy mi seh get-out
Everybody see it how you flop
You dun know nothing bout clash
Everytime dat wanya name,dat wanya name
You never was original,always fake
Fi sound clash mi was ah mistake
You shoulda know seh mi own this place
Mi have one addi greatest banger
And mi nuh you addi putuu ambassador
And you know man king already
Forever mi ah go gi you headache

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Mi nuh run
Mi nuh run from no war
For mi kill you then mi gone
Mi nuh run
Mi nuh run from no war
For mi kill you mi gone

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From Chronixx say arrbwoy, you say arrbwoy
Longtime de people must know bwoy ah chat unnu chat anytime pon de mic
Wan move like ah badman but you know you nuh badman yet.
War too untidy
Things weh mi ah go say, you nuh go like me.
Guan go ask Zak,Guan go ask Kim,Guan go ask Bulldog
If my war never ugly
Mi did show money
Flip some dollar
My thugs and Shatta Komoji seh Hala
One of your dawgs say hormor ye l3
Nowor ne wor k3 hwe shie kumor ehala
I know im so special thats what you want to be
Yes mi ah you ghost and nightmare di torture
Asaase sound clash was your burial
Funeral service 1 GAD burial

Mi nuh run
Mi nuh run from no war
For mi kill you then mi gone
Mi nuh run
Mi nuh run from no war
For mi kill you mi gone

— End of Shatta Wale Kill and Gone Lyrics —

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