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Shatta Wale Rookie Lyrics


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Artiste: Shatta Wale
Song: Rookie
Released: 2020
Genre: Pop
Label: Shatta Movement Empire

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Shatta Wale Rookie Lyrics

One Don
One Man
One Stand
One Gun
One Man
One Stand
Ah one voice me seh
Ah wah dem seh?

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Enuh make sense when you hate pon your bredda
How can we make Africa come together ?
Some a fight fe power some’ah dem fe de cheddar
Some seh dem better than the other, motherfucker !
Shatta forever like the wailers
Yes ! Gwan go check the records
Never listen wholla dem a jus a story tellers
Deep thinker brain a spin like repellers
Wholla dem a script writers telenovelas, dem careless
Me and my team my rebellers
Man is a Phoenix buh me nah have no feathers
Put up my pillar and me see seh dem a jealous
We nah break code, getting wise big up the elders
Wholla dem a rookies see seh dem nah get no booking
If a nuh video shoot we keep shooting
Walk pass when thug strike unlooking.
Dem seh me vibes make the youth start looting
Fly pon dem me seh a nuh parachuting
The aroma make dem know seh Shatta still cooking
If a nuh the fluffy man go fe the booty
My outfit a nuh from dem boutique
Physique lyric wicked
Me nah pal with no bwoy weh a picky picky
Man is a Shatta, head hot too sick-ie
Me nah skin teeth when me walk inna the city
Memba me is a venom, watch what you put unno leg on
Man too cold, yeah man
When me start war me nah stop like Yemen
My gees too acidic, lemon

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Some bwoy a rookie rookie rookie rookie yeah
Some bwoy a rookie rookie rookie rookie yeah
Dem never know how far me can go
Dem never know all the things we know
They don’t know oo-oo

Unno muss lie pon a rocket before you a go see this star
You never know when me did start
Memba one day when you seh you want to take a picture
And me seh bwoy get lost
Becuh my instincts seh me nah fe friend you
Run go tell the pussy dem weh send you
Nah go have a pass forever me a your senior
Dey pon every show counting millions
See me thing dem proper dapper walk out
Me know you never like me pussy shut up
See we lock off every corner
That a the real definition of a Shatta
Work like NASA
Play like Barca
Do it chakaa like BonChaka
Unno seh unno bad come and utter
Memba we buss every tyre flatter

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Some bwoy a rookie rookie rookie rookie yeah
Some bwoy a rookie rookie rookie rookie yeah
Dem never know how far me can go
Dem never know all the things we know
They don’t know oo-oo

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